What is an IUD?

Intrauterine Device also known as IUD is a “T” shaped, flexible, tiny plastic device used to prevent pregnancy. It is inserted in the Uterus of a female body to prevent pregnancy. It is the most trusted birth control method used by many.

The Job of an IUD is to stop the male sperm from entering the female uterus and fertilizing egg with it. There are in total 5 types of IUD –


Mirena IUD works up to 7 years. This IUD releases small amount of hormone progestin into the blood stream to prevent pregnancy.



Mirena IUD works up to 5 years. It also releases progestin hormone in the bloodstream.



Liletta IUD is similar to Mirena IUD which works up to 7 years and releases progestin.



Skyla works only up to 3 years and releases the same hormone as Mirena, Kyleena and Liletta.



Paragard IUD is also called as Copper T IUD. It prevents pregnancy for almost 12 years. It does not release hormones. It is wrapped inside a small copper which triggers the immune system of the female body to prevent pregnancy.

How does an IUD work?

Both the IUD’s, hormonal and non-hormonal or copper, prevents the sperm to enter the uterus of the female body. It’s impossible for a female to get pregnant if the sperm doesn’t reach the uterus to fertilise the egg.

Copper-T or Paragard IUD uses copper for Birth control. Copper in this IUD kills or impairs the sperm so that they are unable to swim to the uterus.

Hormonal IUD’s like Mirena, Kyleena, Liletta and Skyla traps the sperm by thickening the mucus on the cervix. The progestin hormone sometimes stops the egg from leaving the Ovaries so that there are no eggs for the fertilization.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why can’t I drink after IUD?

Alcohol does not affect IUD. It might affect if you have taken a contraceptive pill and drank a lot of alcohol that which made you vomit within two hours of taking the pill. In this case, you should take another pill.

Though some people have reported that excess of Alcohol or even Coffee had some reactions in their body. For coffee lovers, you can have 1-2 coffee a day but not more than that. Try having a homemade coffee instead of getting it from outside. Also, make sure you clean your coffee maker before using it.

How long to wait to have sex after IUD?

After insertion of an IUD, you have to make sure that you take rest for at least 24 hours. Do not fidget with your vagina or insert anything in it. After 24 hours, you can continue to have a normal sex.

How to find IUD Strings?

You need to check your IUD strings timely. At least check your IUD string once every month. The IUD string hangs 1-2 inches out of the cervix.

To check it –

  • Make sure you clean your hands first before inserting your finger.
  • Insert your index finger or middle finger while squatting or sitting.
  • You’ll feel a rubbery area like the tip of the nose, that’s the IUD string.

If you feel any difference in the size of the IUD string, there is a chance that the string might have moved. If that’s the case then consult a doctor and/or try other birth control methods.

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