Home Remedies to Avoid Pregnancy Naturally

There suffice all-natural ways to avoid pregnancy if you comprehend your body’s reproductive cycle as well as the fertility duration.

Teenager girls can be productive for several days before and after their ovulation. There are opportunities for accidental pregnancy, also when having sex in a safe period.

You don’t have to go with any medical method or birth control pills to prevent maternity.

How to Plan and Avoid Pregnancy Naturally

Plan and Avoid Pregnancy Naturally

1. Make love During Your Safe Period

This approach supplies an included layer of preventative measure if you already have some security in place. You can prevent the ovulation days, which normally happen two weeks before the duration. A great way to deal with it is to get in touch with a fertility specialist to track your ovulation days and schedule your intercourse as necessary.

2. Practise the Start-Stop Method

The male partner can make sure not to have an orgasm inside his partner. This approach requires practice, and there’s a threat that the sperm may somehow enter the vaginal canal. Consequently, it’s much better to do this along with other tried and tested contraceptive methods.

3. Track Your Basal Body Temperature

As soon as your period finishes, you can begin tracking your basal body temperature level. When ovulation begins, the temperature level begins increasing and peaks on the day of ovulation. You can prevent fertilization if you prevent sex throughout this duration.

4. Look Out for Cervical Discharge

A female’s body creates a transparent, jelly-like discharge in the days leading up to ovulation. Avoiding sex throughout this period can protect against ovulation.

How to Avoid Pregnancy Naturally by Eating Certain Foods

Best Herbs to Avoid Pregnancy Naturally

How to Avoid Pregnancy Naturally by Eating Certain Foods

1. Wild Carrots (Jangli Gajar)

Wild carrot seed is a strong contraceptive natural herb if taken by mouth right away after the intercourse. The seed consists of a lot more powerful antifertility representatives which reduce the possibilities of pregnancy.

The wild carrot seeds offer an unsafe impact on the womb to make sure that the egg can not dental implant.

2. Cinnamon (Dalcheeni)

Cinnamon has been used by centuries to stop pregnancy. Cinnamon helps to cause uterine contractions, and consequently, menstruation takes place. Yet, cinnamon does not supply you with an immediate result. Instead, it would help if you took in for a longer time.

3. Indian Lilac (Neem)

Several research studies over neem concluded neem to be a reliable organic birth control which can be utilized by both men and women. Neem can be consumed in the form of oil, powder and also leaves for birth control.

Neem oil is a reliable contraception option for females. Neem oil paralyzes the sperm cells within 20 to 30 secs when exposure to the sperms. For males, neem tablets consumption regularly advertises reversible sterility.

4. Dried Fig (Anjeer)

Using dried fig for contraception is adhered to given that ancient days. Fig likewise helps to enhance the blood circulation in your body. Remember not to eat anjeer in big amounts, which might distress your belly severely.

5. Ginger Tea

Ginger is used for centuries as an efficient all-natural way of birth control. Ginger helps to raise the heat within the body, which brings about an increase in the tightening of womb muscles which helps to cause the periods early.

6. Blue Cohosh (Papoose Root)

Blue cohosh origin advertises the production of 2 substances called oxytocin and also saponin, which aids to cause uterine contractions, thus stops the chances of maternity.

Aside from stopping pregnancy, the natural herb is utilized to induce abortion in case if you did not take any safety measures throughout intercourse.

7. Silphium (Indian Cup-plant)

Silphium is a pricey natural herb coming from the fennel family members, widely understood for its natural contraceptive properties.

The herb was used in the ancient days to stop pregnancy along with to induce labour. Silphium herb also helps to cause menstrual cycle early.

8. Buckwheat (Kuttu)

Buckwheat is an exceptionally effective natural herb to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Rutin, one of the primary compound present in buckwheat, has anti-fertility properties which do not enable the uterus to the dental implant.

Best Fruits to Avoid Pregnancy Naturally

Best Fruits to Avoid Pregnancy Naturally

1. Pineapple

Pineapple is generally not suggested for a pregnant female. Consuming pineapple might result in miscarriage.

There is an enzyme called bromelain existing in the pineapple can break down the healthy protein in the body and causes uncommon blood loss. Immature pineapple will generate uterine contractions and consequently, a menstruation flow.

2. Papaya

Progesterone is the reproductive hormone responsible for securing the pregnancy in the uterus. The enzyme, papain existing in the papaya fruit reduce progesterone, therefore consuming papaya often stop maternity naturally.

Immature papaya can likewise induce an abortion if it is eaten for at least three to 4 days after sexual intercourse.

3. Vitamin C

Vitamin C has the residential or commercial properties to reduce the reproductive hormone progesterone (one of the most necessary hormonal agents to maintain the maternity). This suppression can assist you in contraception.

Eating Vitamin C abundant foods often can be a natural contraceptive method when you have unprotective sex.

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